Friday, November 18, 2011

Ralph Dibny, the World yadda, yadda blog on The Fire and Water Podcast

The Ralph Dibny, the World-Famous Elongated Man Blog (that's right, I talk about it in third person - how professional is that!?) was mentioned in the episode 7 of the FIRESTORM FAN and AQUAMAN SHRINE Podcast! , the talk show of Rob Kelly, from Aquaman Shrine, and The Irredeemabie Shag, from Once Upon a Geek and Firestorm Fan.

You can skip the bull and go straight to min 85:54, to hear the good bit about the coolest superhero blog. OK, I'm just kidding, the rest is even better. The first half is a review of Justice League of America #207 - 209, Crisis on Earth Prime, which is quite the event, featuring the JLA, the JSA, the All-Star Squadron, Per Degaton, the Crime Syndicate and even He-Man and the Masters of the Universe --Only He-man in a backup feature (got your eyes crossed, didn't I?). The second half is about blogs about DC Comics characters. They start with the blogs of, friend of this blog, Diabolu Frank, who is so productive, he's practically a human-franchise. Then, they go on with the rest of us, mortals. They made a crack about the lenght of my url, which kinda goes with the blog's topic, but yeah, I'm sure that a number of Ralph enthusiasts often think "sure, I'll see what's new with the Elongated Man Blog. Let's see, it was www.theworldfamous... no, www.theelongatedmanworld-famo-- no, www.ralphd-- meh,!" The great thing is that fans of odd characters now have odd blogs to follow, where loons like myself are going to make sure they get the basics and any update. A cool thing about many of them is that they sometimes do crossovers, which makes them like a "league of bloggers about Justice Leaguers"; and the really cool thing is that this is the second time this blog is considered for one of those crossovers! Which practically mirrors the way the way the Elongated Man himself was invited to become part of the JLA:

*Green Lantern: Dude, you know who would be cool to have in the league?
*Superman (playing with a rubik's): Huh?
*GL: That stretchy dude who is always hanging out with the Flash.
*Superman: Oh, yeah, that Plastic Man guy.
*GL:  No, the other guy.
*Superman: ...
*GL: The ginger guy that just stretches... ?
*Superman (scratches his head looking at the Rubik): Jimmy?
*Batman (popping up out of nowhere): He means Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.
*Superman (freaked out): Dude!--... Jes's...
*Batman: I'm Batman.
-Batman gives the Rubik's a couple of twists and solves it. Superman looks at him with a confussed expression on his face.
*Batman: I'm Batman.
*Superman (makes back off sign with his hand): ... wait, you mean that we should invite a guy that just stretches and has no secret identity? What, are we getting our members from a circus, now?
*GL: Well he was with a circus.
*Superman: Oh, brother.
*GL: No, but hear me out, he's actually an uncanny detective.
*Batman: Teamed up with him a couple of times. Prodigious detective, great improviser... And unlike most of us, he's easy going and no drama queen -- Yes, that's f**n' right, I'm looking at you, Carter.
-Hawkman storms out offended.
*GL (looks Hawkman storming out of the room and then turn to Superman): Yep, Lord knows we need normal people.
*Superman: It might be so, but without Diana--
*Batman (with daydreaming expression): Diana... <sight>
*GL: What a broad.
*Superman: Yeah... Anyway, without Diana, this is becoming a total sausage fest. So I'm going with Black Canary.
*GL: Booyah!
*Batman: Agreed, sausage fest sucks.
*GL: Maybe she'll convince Hawkman to put a shirt on. I'm sick of man nipples.
*Batman: Forget it, not even his wife can do that.
*GL: Is it me, or is Hawkman's costume kind of. What's the word?
*Superman: Drag?
*GL: Thank you. --Not that there's anything wrong with that (...) but we need some chicks around.
And that's how the Elongated Man's membership was delayed for another 30 issues.
Anyway, it's good to know that talented and hardcore bloggers consider this blog to be fun and relevant enough to participate in their crossovers. And when I say, talented I mean it; I admire the hell out of people who can produce and host radio or podcast shows. These guys can casually talk about some of my favorite topics for over an our and a half and make it really entertaining. Maybe that's a cultural thing, Anglo-Americans and English people tend to be really comfortable in front of broadcasting media. Latin Americans are shy even in front of recording machines. If I made a podcast, I'd sound like a Donald Duck with a Spanish accent.

Btw, another awesome thing about the Fire and Water Podcast is their soundtrack, a Remix of the classic Super Friends theme. Few remixes feel like a true homage to the original material (like the Knightrider one). I was almost a bit sad when it faded so that the show starts; however a very quick googling lead me to the author, Michael Kohler. The title of the remix is That Time Is Now, and  you can watch the video here:

For more of Bob and Shag's show, go to . Additionally Firestorm Fan features a number of audio interviews with Firestorm's key creatives, including Gerry Conway, Al Milgrom and John Ostrander among others. I have to say they are a very creative and resourceful couple of bloggers. So, go follow them. Now!


  1. Thankfully, nobody types in URLs anymore, and Google gives preferential search results to blogs they host. I was just watching a '90s comic book show where the poor bastard hosts actually read out their URL. "Visit us as ayche-tee-tee-pee, forward-slash forward-slash, colon, dubbayew-dubbayew-dubbayew dot antigrav dot com." Yeah, ride that go-cart onto the information superhighway...

  2. Hahahahaha. I remember those days. People actually said and wrote "http://www" hahaha. That's back when you had to cross your fingers to hear that "ee-ee-ee-ee-ee, bno, bno, pshhhhh-shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" sound to know that you "got" online. Which meant that you could go get some fake Britney pics in only a few minutes (we still had to cross ingers to get the whole pic).

  3. Thanks for such a generous shout-out! And your post was hilarious! I love the bit with Hawkman storming out! HILARIOUS!

    Trust me, if I can ramble on a podcast, just about anyone else can do it (and do it better).

    Keep up the great work here, and you are definitely in for the next JLA blog crossover!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  4. There you have it, people... I'm part of the Justice League Bloggers of America!

  5. Now you gotta sing the JLA song that we played halfway through the episode. Sorry, rookies gotta do it. :)

    The Irredeemable Shag

  6. Is this a frat thing?


    "In the great Hall of the Justice League.
    Of the Justice League"