Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Elongated art!

This image by Mark Stutzman deserves its own post I have to know the history behind it. I guess the trinity had to go for the Best next thing after Batman in whatever that adventure was (apparently a commission for a Fusion Toys puzzle series). Oddly enough, Ralph was a lot closer with Batman and only teamed-up once with Wonder Woman.

Blackest Night - the Atom & Hawkman #46

Hawkman and the Atom #46, art by Ryan Sook.

I believe this one was done by Willis Bulliner. And I guess that's Ralph saluting TPTB for his fabulous role in the New 52.

WHO’S WHO: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume VII

In the land of the E, the Elongated Man is king.
Firestorm Fan's  Shag just wrote a review of the VII volume of Who's Who. This is relevant, well, firstly because Shag is a friend of this blog, and secondly, because that issue covers D to E of the DCU phone book, which means the Elongated Man gets his bio there.

The fun thing is that the rest of the D-E characters are not famous enough to top Ralph on the cover, but still make a very nice crowd. I'm particularly fond of the Enchantress and Dolphin (talk about fan service, the water must be really cold!). I tend to prefer silver age independent heroes over the rest.

Ralph's entry is okay. It's always nice to see Carmine's art, and his characterization is spot on; however, he could have put a little more thought into it. It feels like "I'm old, life is short, waving with a weird spaghetti arm. Whatever. What's next?".

There might not be big shots like B Batman, S Superman or L Lex Luthor (I guess D Darkseid appeared in the previous issue) but the chat in the comment section of the post is very animated anyway.

The Enigma of the Elongated Man and the rest of the missing characters!

#1 & #21 of Buxton's list. Chunk, btw, is yeat another missing Flash character.

Den of Geek's Marc Buxton has written a fine list of the missing characters in the new DCU, which puts the Elongated Man's situation in perspective. Check it out at

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Curious Case of the Nate Bellegarde Challenge!

Nate Bellegarde is -- well, I have to confess, I didn't know who Nate Bellegarde is up until yesterday, when I ran into his Elongated Man request. A little googling showed me that he's a really talented artist with a mix of superhero style with and indie vibe (or at least that's my take). He's a pro since he was 16, which means he is also a natural with uncanny talent.

The best thing about him is that for $5.00 USD, he'll take requests at his... "Sketchblog". No. Wait... That's "Bletchskog" (nice trick!). I'm already negotiating a challenge for him (and so should you).

His Ralph is one of the best I've ever seen, he really looks like a rubber man and his insightful expression is spot-on.