Monday, April 2, 2012

The Elongated Man rocks MAD!!

Ralph's back, baby! 

The 20th episode of the 2nd season of MAD, first aired February 27, 2012 (sorry for being late, I somehow missed it) features a short titled "That's What Super Friends Are For", in which the most notorious all-time members of the Justice League (and then some) sing complaining about -- well, just check it out:


The creators went with the most classic members and their most classic look as well - which I guess lead them to include the Elongated Man, who was a member for 20 years and in 3 incarnations. All I can say is "kudos DC, Mad and WB! Way to celebrate what made you what you are!". 

I like that Ralph was recognizable even in the part in which his body is not shown. All the song is full of fun references to DC history, so there's a lot to enjoy, specially for those who, like me, really enjoy DC and parodies.

Some oddities include some JSA members and Teen Titans that have never been part of the team, like Bart Allen and Dr. Mid-nite. However, their bits were pretty cool. Firestorm and the Atom are mysteriously missing. Oh, well, we can't have it all. It was great seing Ted and Ralph anyway.

DC Nation will feature some DC-related MAD shorts, so expect it to be reran.