Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rafa Rivas takes Twitter

Or so I claim.
Well, it's mostly me annoying DC with "Y U NO REVIVE ELONGATED MAN" kind of comments (and Sue, and Ted, and Dmitri, and Vic, and Wally and the real Maxwell, and...).

I'm thinking of other things to tweet about. So far, I figured, I should use my completely anonymous account to give my local, and very corrupt (and very evil) politicians a piece of my mind (until they block me that is). Don't worry, that's in Spanish, so you won't have to read it.

I'm also sucking up to Neil Gaiman and some other clever people like Morrison, Dini, Straczynski. However, since I can't follow my real acquintances and friends with my anonymous account (hence, 'anonymous', duh), and I didn't think about asking for contact info of my friends at the now nonexistent DC Comics Message Boards (ja74, indiaink, munkeypunk, elhijodelbruce, where are you?!!), it's not like I get much interaction. So, I'm exhorting (yes, I do know some fancy words) you reader, along with the community of bloggers to exchange Twitter account info so that we can all waste our time in a proper manner. Who knows? It might even be fun...

My account is @RafaRivas2099

Follow me... Or else... (I'll get really bored).