Monday, December 26, 2011

Battle of the stretchers: Elongated Man vs. Mr. Fantastic vs. Plastic Man

Googling Elongated Man pics I run into a very interesting one pitting Platic Man and him agains Mr. fantastic. It turns out that some people from the Comic Vine have made a battle contest for artists in which they should portray the two stretchers and the shapeshifter in a 3-way fight. The idea was conceived by J_Evan:
"So, I really wanted to do a battle contest between two rubbery characters but I couldn't limit it to one or the other DC characters, so I'm giving you guys some flexibility (pun intended) with this one. Draw a battle scene between at least two of the following three characters: Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man and the Elongated Man."
So far, maxicere posted this, which I my favorite:

KEROGA's post reminded me of the Three Stoonges (which are getting a new movie with a great cast, btw):

And finally, Payno decided to leave it between the two stretchers:

Fun to see how in two of those pics Ralph's uniform is the one from Justice League Unlimited and the other, KEROGA's, has the original version (the one from the 80s). Maybe it's because the other one is too similar to Plasti Man's.

KEROGA and Payno took some free license with the stretchers, since they cant really shapeshift (although Ralph became a bit of a molder in the 90s).

Here is the link to the original thread in Comic Vine, The contest started three weeks ago ans is still going on, so you might want to check it out now and then.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have a Merry Christmas, everybody!

Merry Christmas, Jean, Sue, Ralph, Iris, Barry and Ray!
Merry Christmas Julie, Gardner, John, Carmine, Murphy, Joe, Len, Dick, Gerry, Mike, Ty, Keith, John Marc, Bart, Mark and Brad.

Merry Christmas Frank, IndiaInk, Shag, Jay, Michael, Matt, Saranga, Rafael, Aleus, Martin, Busterella, Daniel and the rest of my very appreciated readers.

... and very Elongated holdays!

I tried to find a decent Christmasy picture of the Elongated Man and all I got was a weird Justice League story from the issue #152 of the original run and the one you are seeing, which comes from Earth-51, from Countdown to Final Crisis #19. I guess a better pic of Ralph (or Ralph and Sue) would be in my X-mas wish list, haha. By the way, I'm not sure about Jean, but there's one tiny Jew in that party, so the pic also works for the season holidays in general.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Justice League International: The Movie

Justice League International by Daniel Morpheus.
Brazilian Deviantartist, Daniel "Morpheus", created this Justice League International picture to see what a movie with his ideal cast would look like. Here is his pitch:
"This is a poster that I've made with my cast for a Justice League International Movie.

The cast is:

     Damien Lewis as Elongated Man
     Zooey Deschanel as Sue Dibny
     Zachary Levi as Blue Beetle
     Tom Cruise as Maxwell Lord
     Garrett Hedlund as Booster Gold
     Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Fire
     James Caviezel as Captain Atom
     Hannah Sperritt as Ice

To direct the movie no one better than Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead). I always imagine this movie as a British comedy, with the perfect balance between comedy, drama and action.
I think the cast couldn't be better (how about that Mary Elizabeth Winstead?!! huminahuminahubba!!). I'm really sold on this idea. Very few actreses are charismatic and cute enough to play Sue, but only Zooey has what it takes. Lewis, on the other hand, has an odd face for Ralph, who should rather look like a young Dick van Dike; however, he has the built, the red hair and he can really pull clever. Winstead definitively has the body type (tall, curvy, great shoulders), but I'm not sure she can play a sassy, loud and spicy girl from Brazil. Tom Cruise as Maxwell Lord takes the prize. It's just brilliant; between his "show me the money" and this, Max definitively falls between Cruise's range.

I love how the picture integrates the most memorable members and elevates them as pop cult icons portrayed by contemporary celebrities. I just love that colorful reticule. Not to mention the impressive portrayals and their rendering.

That is a movie I'd like to see. I can even imagine the plot: The entire JLA but the Elongated Man gets lost in a battle against Despero and, after months of absence, Maxwell Lord recruits him for the new JLI, a project in which nobody has faith. Despite their limited competence, after accidentally saving Paris from a Bialyan attack (after the French had a misunderstanding with the Gadaffi-esque Rumaan Harjavti) little by little they gain the public trust. After gaining other battles (which will serve as opportunities for cameos by the Injustice League, Manga Khan, Starro and Mr. Nebula) and, with them, more popularity, they run into an a surviving Batman and the Martian Manhunter, who assign them a mission to rescue the rest of the real League. They accomplish their mission, but end up about to be blasted by Despero. However, the real JLA pulls a last minute deux ex machina. Finally, both leagues are restored, with Batman and the Martian as liaisons. How about that?

Anyway, there's more art where that came from. Daniel is a very gifted artist and is blessing us with a lot of samples of his art at his Deviantart page.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Busterella strikes again!: Pokemon JLI

I found new fan art form favorite of this blog, Busterella, whose Dibny portraits always catch perfectly the true spirit of the couple. It's called "Superbuddies-Pokemon Rangers", check it out:

Top to bottom and left to right: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Sue and Ralph Dibny, Fire & Ice, Guy Gardner and Maxwell Lord. 
It's the second pic I see from a Deviant artist combining elements of JLI / Super Buddies with Pokemon Rangers (which, I suppose, is a later incarnation of the Pokemon thing). However, there's no actual connection between the the two of them and I'm still trying to find out why is this a thing. According to Busterella, Pokemon crossovers with anything are common. She describes is as "Silly scribble-y crossover tomfoolery".

The other one is even more eclectic, it throws Aladdin and a character from Batman: The Brave and the Bold into the mix (what, no fire?).

Ice, the Dibnys, Guy and Captain America, Flash and his wife, Linda Parker, Aladdin and Jasmine, and the Music Meister.
Art by Clazziquai
And this is just the tip of the iceberg, Busterella has impressive pics done with digital media. She's crazy-talented when it comes to coloring (you hear that, DC?). For more of her fantastic art, go to her Deviantart profile: . She's a talent to watch!