Sunday, November 20, 2011

And now, for something really special...

The same whining, but in Spanish.

Like any decent geek with self respect, I love to waste time googling useless trivia. If that's not glamouros enough, you can picture me laying in my sloppy bed wearing boxers and a sweat shirt and balancing a bottle of mayo and breadsticks in my belly before my lap. You can add some 20 kg to my belly to make it more dramatic. (Just kidding).
Anyway, in my case, the useless trivia I love to google is the possibility of Ralph and Sue's return. Which is sort of becoming a thing in some circles. The DC Message Boards has at least a couple of threads (that I didn't start), CBR has The Elongated Man: Where is he in the new DC?  , and among the bloggers, The Fellowship of the Geeks has For What It's Worth: Dear DC, Please Bring Back Elongated Man , DC Comics Fan Blog had The Elongated Man, Pendragon's Post made and erased a couple of post that generated an official facebook reply from Mattel's people.  Among the toy collectors upset that the Ralphster doesn't seem to be getting a figure for the DC Universe Classics collection, The Fwoosh has Elongated Man Support Thread, and Bleeding Cool made an article about the controversy. To my surprise, the whole "where's Ralph" thing has crossed the language barrier, now being noticed by Spanish speaking fans. "El Hijo de Chuck Norris", from Multiverseros, asks "Dónde está Ralph Dibny?":
"En 2004, una miniserie escrita por Brad Meltzer quiso demostrar que los héroes de DC también son humanos (al menos los que lo son), pero destruyó la hermosa pareja formada por Ralph y Sue Dibny. Con tantos relanzamientos, ¿no sería hora de arreglarlo?"
"In 2004, a miniseries written by Brad Meltzer wanted to demonstrate that the heroes of DC are also humans (at least those who are), but it destroyed the beautiful couple formed by Ralph and Sue Dibny. With so many relaunches, wouldn't it be good to fix that?"
To read more on the topic, well, you can read the stack of articles I've done on the matter; but if you also want to see if some Spanish sticks with you for a change, read Chucky Jr.'s full article, "Donde está Ralph Dibny?".

I wonder if there are articles in French. Maybe DC will listen when the complains start being written in German. Every thing sounds tougher in German.


Wo ist die Längliche Mann?!!
Nein, Nein, Nein!!!

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