Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Dibnys and the new Crisis-Free DC Universe!

By Graeme McMillan
October 3rd, 2011

"Add this to the mild-confusion over continuity in the new DC Universe: No Crisis event has taken place in the New 52niverse. Or, at least, so said Dan DiDio on Facebook over the weekend:
"This doesn’t just knock out Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, but also Zero Hour, Final Crisis and, potentially, Identity Crisis, which opens up all manner of new possibilities for characters and storylines for creators to play with. Perhaps understandably, DiDio was forced to clarify this statement a day later:

"What I really want to know is, does this mean that Ralph and Sue Dibny are still alive now? Because, if so, I really, really want to see them have their own strip in DC Universe Presents sooner rather than later".
I somehow I don't think the Dibnys are going to get lucky. At least not anytime soon. Don't ask me how, but I know as a fact that DiDio says that he has no plans for them. For some reason, I think he doesn't like them (albeit it seemed the same way with Aquaman - and look at him now!). Then again, I managed to ask their opinion to 3 or 4 of really talented writers and they prefer the real deals to come back instead of the detective ghosts.

Please, read the original article and its reply posts at Newsarama (DC Comics: Crisis-Free Since 2011).

Update - October 6th, 2011

Cyriaque Lamar, from, just published 10 "Crises" We Won’t Miss Now That The DC Universe Rebooted Itself, an article sharing interesting thoughts on the negative aspects that won't be missed from the Crises events. Sue gets to be the negative aspect #4:

4.) Sue Dibny Gets Thrown Under The Bus
"Sue Dibny was the plucky, no-nonsense wife of Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.

Not an image I like either.

"For a long while, Sue and Ralph were a goofy couple who were mostly used for comic relief. But in 2004's Identity Crisis, Sue was brutally murdered in the first issue.

"Readers next discovered in the second issue that Sue had been secretly raped by Dr. Light, a bumbling doofus supervillain. If you're confused as to why this was a big deal, replace the names "Sue Dibny" with "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Dr. Light" with "Abbott and Costello." Now you know why absolutely nobody liked Identity Crisis".
Please, go to io9 to read the full article. 

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