Monday, September 12, 2011

Jon Morris' DC Fifty-TOO and "PLASTIC MAN #1"

"PLASTIC MAN #1" by Jon Morris and Stephen DeStefano.
Blogger Jon Morris got 52 independent artists to pick their favorite DC properties to do an alternative version of the DC's new #1 issues. In his words, this is the premise of the project:
"Once DC started releasing the cover images of what the New DC Universe would look like, it got me wondering what the New DC Universe would look like ... if it were out of DC's hands.

"I contacted a plethora of very talented - and very different - cartoonists with a simple challenge: If DC approached you and offered you any DC property - past or present - of your choice to be your own new ongoing part of the DC Universe, what would the cover to the first issue look like?

"Fifty-two artists (and then some) responded, and that brings us here - DC FIFTY-TOO, The New DC Universe as imagined by fifty-two independent cartoonists. Starting on August 15th and running up through August 31st - the day the New DC Universe launches - this blog will unveil four new covers every weekday for DC Comics that never were but probably ought to have been!"
The result is a showcase of talent and refreshing ideas that, in most cases, seem more inspired and original than the actual 52 deal. I strongly recomend to follow it.
For obvious reasons, the Plastic Man one is my favorite (Diabolu discovered it). The art and humor are flawless!
The blog is called DC Fifty-TOO. Here's the link: DC Fifty-TOO: PLASTIC MAN #1

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