Saturday, March 26, 2011

How about that new header?

 I finally fixed the header mess, and I'm quite pleased with the new look. I  was delaying it because I don't have Adobe Cs4 or whatever the number is, but I had the hunch that there must be some online photo editing service, and I was right. I used which is not excellent (you can lose your work if you accidentally go a page back) but it did the trick.

I decided to go with the font that I thought was the closest to the 80s "EM" logo. As I did with the rest of the blog design, I and used the colors of that uniform. The only exception I've been using is the really dark gray, which kinda fits, anyway.

I'm not sure the word blog makes sense there (English is nt my first language).

I hope you enjoy it.

The blog's new logo.

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