Friday, October 10, 2014

Know your Bat-Villain!: Professor Hugo Strange

Continuing with our series of character profiles, I give you Hugo Strange.

Professor Hugo Strange: Generally speaking, there are two takes on this character. In one he is a mad scientist and in the other he is an evil psychologist. Either way he is an egocentric, task oriented, melancholic, megalomanic, psychopath. Usually he can keep himself emotionally uninvolved while he analyses or researches subjects. In The Batman this is his entire personality and he never loses his temper; however, in most iterations he becomes emotional as the situation becomes stressful to him.
As brilliant as he is, he can alienate people when he talks about himself. His ego is quite sensible, and he can lose his grip on reality with delusions of grandeur.
Hugo Strange is often compared with James Moriarty, yet in most of his stories he gets his resources from a powerful benefactor (Thorne, Ra's Al Ghul, Maroni, the Scarecrow), who usually ends up trying to kill him. 

Physical description: Common trademarks include baldness, thick, mirror-like glasses and a beard or a goatee with no mustache. His physical complexion varies with almost every version.

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