Monday, October 1, 2012

Mistery of the Freak! from the future from the past!

A note from friend of the Ralph Dibny, the [yadda yadda yadda...] Blog (yes, the one you're reading right now from some reason), Freakazoid! writer and natural born really nice guy, John P. McCann (WRITE ENOUGH!: The Prophecy of Freakazoid), lead me to an utterly awesome and masterfully done video article from The Escapist by Bob "Moviebob" Chipman: The Prophesy of Freakazoid!

The video (I cannot paste it here, you'll have to go to the article ) is about the amazing fact that back in 1995 the creators of that cult hit show created a character that incarnates what internet is today: a collection of memes, nostalgic pop cult references and utter nonsense (porn aside, of course).

On a side note a bit of nostalgic Freakazoid! googling lead me to find --

I interrupt this article to make the following announcement: I'm your computer, and I'm in love you. Also, your fingers ticke me.

--  some relly cool concept art by Bruce W. Timm, of Batman: The Animated Series fame:

I really love the first one. That's Kid Carrion, he actually made it to the show, mostly with crowds of villains in the first season. Too bad there was no episode about it. Bombshell and Major Danger, can be seen only in The Lobe short. I don't believe Witch Girl, Ben Franklinstain or the Nunchucks were ever used, even in the backgrounds.

I did no know this, but they come from the special features of the season 1 DVD set. Along with other desigs. Some can be seen in this fan made retrospective from youtube by :


And now, for something completely different:

I plan to say Candle Jack without disap--

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