Thursday, July 19, 2012

DC Universe Classics collection: The Elongated Man is finally here!!

It's finally here. Well, it's not, but it will on March 2013.

It's incredible that it took so long and that now it will only be available to the lucky ones that subscribed to Mattel's 'Club Infinite Earths', "a service for DC Universe Classics in 2011, intended to produce figures demanded by collectors". Maybe that minor scandal that they [OK, it was 50% me] made when it wasn't announced for the early wave had some influence (see: The Elongated Man and Wife: Embargoed?!).

I'm glad it comes with a magnifying glass, but it seems to have a number of imperfections. For starters, everyone at The Fwoosh seems to agree that the face is all weird. What's that expression? He should be raising an eyebrow or smiling. Also, to me (an a couple of guy I know), he looks like a Dick Van Dyke with a turn-up nose. Another mistake is the hair color, it should be red. And finally, I hope that forearm is not all that stretches.

One thing I hope they got right is his height; he's supposed to look tall and slim. The DC Direct figure has that right.

I wish it came with a Sue wearing one of her 60s dresses, but I know that's a really long shot.

For more information on the DC Universe Classics collection check the WP article.


  1. Now they just need to make an Elongated man toy in the Stretch Armstrong style of toy.