Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Dibnys pics by Busterella and Perpetual Insomniac

My favorite Dibny fan artist just made another picture.

Ralph and Sue by Busterella
Well, actually, I don't know if it's recent (I can't believe I wasn't notified, I'm beginning to suspect that the World doesn't revolve around me... naaaah). Those are definitively Busterella's curves (no pun intended); however she changed a bit her character design, specially the faces, I'm assuming that has to do with the image name being titles "Tiny Dibnys".

I always go nuts trying to design a uniform for Ralph. The white and purple one from JLU is my favorite, but it still doesn't cnvince me. This option is definitivaly interesting. Stripes would look really cool on a stretcher.

Perpetual Insomniac has also produced more Dibny art since I made the post about fan art of this blog. Check it out:

Sue's fashion sense is spot on!

See more Busterella and Perpetual Insmniac art in:

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